Earth as a Machine

Permanent sculpture: Laser-cut, Weathering Steel 
Sculpture Park & Nature Reserve, Belshaws’ Quarry, Bensons Rd, Lisburn BT28 3UU

‘Earth as a Machine’ describes the fundamental forces that created the rock around us, 

the building up and breaking down of rocks, formed from volcanic eruptions. The basalt visible behind the sculpture was created only 55 million years ago.

Major changes in temperature and atmospheric conditions were common, from extreme high’s to icy lows only relatively recently settling out.

Tectonic plates played their part and Pangea our most recent supercontinent had Northern Ireland near its centre.

The primary driving force can be found beneath: below earths crust, below earths mantel, to it’s outer-core and inner-core; where lies the ever running convection engine, magnetic poles emanate and magma flows.